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Keep your property clean and neatly maintained,
all year long with us

Groundskeeping Company

We help property owners with their land maintenance.
Serves residential and small business owners

Professional Groundskeeping

We help landowners who have not enough time to clean up
or maintain their property.

Who Has Enough Time to Manage Their Property?

Proper grounds keeping increases your home’s curb appeal, eliminates litter from your lawn, and it improves safety within your premises. Nonetheless, many property owners lack time to manage their ground keeping tasks. They are too busy with their career, parenting, and other essential obligations.

Are you one of those busy property owners? If you are, our company, Cincy’s Grounds Keeper would be glad to save you TIME AND EFFORT managing your property maintenance. We have enough time to clean, remove, mow or manicure your property landscaping needs, your grounds will receive the acquired attention it needs until your happy with your property appeal.

Lawn Fertilization & Mowing
Tree Trimming &
Clean up Leaves

Why would you hire Cincy’s Grounds Keeper? 

1. Cincy’s Grounds Keeper saves you from purchasing property maintenance equipment

Maintaining your property comes accompanied with many expenses. For instance, you will have to invest in a chainsaw to prune thick branches, a lawnmower to trim your garden, and prune shears to trim soft stems.

Furthermore, you would want to invest in appropriate personal protective equipment to minimize occupational hazards, and a truck to haul debris/unwanted material from your premises to the designated dumping site.

Hiring Cindy’s Grounds Keeper would be an excellent way to eliminate the cost of investing in these expensive pieces of property maintenance equipment. You will not need to purchase any equipment since we have the right equipment to complete each gardening task within your premises.

2. We are insured and licensed

Our company is licensed by relevant authorities to serve our residential and commercial clients in Cincinnati and I-275 Loop. This implies that we have met the stringent state, city and municipality requirements for providing grounds keeping services.

Into the bargain, we have comprehensive insurance that covers our employees against the occupational hazards that may happen in the event of cleaning, mowing, landscaping, snow clearing, or any other grounds keeping service.

3. We are available for emergency ground keeping tasks

Sometimes a winter storm can dump a significant amount of snow on your compound, or fall/ summer storms and winds can leave your compound littered with unmanageable amounts of leaves, twigs, and other debris.

In such an event, you can contact our company for emergency ground keeping services. Our team will respond immediately to clear the snow, leaves, twigs, branches, or any other undesirable debris scattered on your lawn.

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Our Best Services

Lawn Care

Are you looking to give your lawn a unique reflection? If you are, our company would be glad to help.

Our team specializes in essential lawn maintenance services like mowing, edging, lawn fertilization, weed removal, overseeding, aeration, hauling, and mulching.

We make sure that your lawn gets what it needs all year round.


Tree Services

Proper tree care adds value to your property, and it enhances the aesthetics of your environment.

Despite the benefits, tree care can be a dangerous task since it can lead to property damage, personal injury, and other liabilities.

Our company has a team of tree care experts who specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and removal. We have the right equipment for each task, as well as the proper personal protective equipment to minimize injuries.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Our spring and fall cleanup services are tailored to prepare your lawn for each changing season.

On the onset of the spring or fall season, our team cleans up leaves, sticks, and branches that litter your lawn and or flower bed.

We haul the garbage away from your premises. Besides cleaning, we fertilize and prune your landscaping shrubs and or trees.

Snow Removal

Are you looking to clear snow from your property safely and efficiently?

If yes, Cincy’s Grounds Keeper would help you.

We offer salting services to de-ice snow on your walkway, driveway, and your entire compound.

Moreover, we have the equipment required to shovel or plow ice, spread salt on snow, as well as relocate the snow to an appropriate place.

Professional Groundskeeping Service

Did you find what you are looking for?

If your answer is “yes” then we are here to help you.


Cincy’s Groundskeeper is licensed to serve residential and commercial clients in Cincinnati and I-275 Loop.

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!